Thai Four Hands Oil Massage

Thai Four Hands Massage

Our Thai Four Hands massage is a full body treatment by two therapists working in unison throughout the massage treatment. You can choose a Traditional Thai massage, Thai Oil Massage or a combination of both and can be relaxing or deep tissue, according to your preference; a very special calming therapeutic experience.

Four Hands Massage DublinThe two therapists simultaneously work on the body in harmonious co-ordinated movements, each working on symmetrically opposing parts of the body. The two therapists working in co-ordinated movements has a recognised effect on the brain and nervous system whereby the brain stops to track the individual massage strokes as would be the case in a massage by a single therapist.

This ‘switching off’ effect leads to a state of suspended awareness that is truly relaxing and calming. This massage is a deeply intense and holistic experience, bringing a state of deep contentment to body and mind in - a superb treat.

Key Benefits Thai Four Hands Massage

  • Releases muscular tension
  • Intensively relaxes mind and body
  • Increases energy levels
  • Breaks down toxins




60 Minutes............ €120

90 Minutes............ €160

120 Minutes............ €210